Mariners dominant 1st inning dooms Indians

Since 4 Smoak hits and a Jaso bomb and a loaded bases in the 9th werent enough the Mariners upped the improbability of losing quotient by having Mariner DHs Chone Figgins and Ichiro Suzuki hit bombs in the first inning and that was all the scoring the Mariners needed to win because the Indians only scored one run on some cheap cheating play but just in case and because the Mariners are thorough and also very thorough they scored some extra runs in the 2nd and 4th to ensure it but not enough to embarrass the Indians cause they are classy even though they got cheated yesterday because the Mariners could have scored loads more runs if they wanted because they had 7 free walk to bases and 8 hit balls total which usually amounts to about 9 or ten runs.

Jason Vargas pitched like his best all season and strucked out many of the Indians witch he isnt really known for and Wilhelminason and Brandon League continued there dominant starts by nearly perfect gaming the 8th and 9th innings except for one cheaty like walk.

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