This is one of the few times we will criticize the Mariners at Marinersworldseries2012

Except for every other selfish off day they take because what are we supposed to do for the whole day if we dont have a game to look forward to and then watch and then talk and write about and then rewatch in slow motion so that we can measure the vibrations and lateral movement of the wood of the bat to determine if each hit was good or really good or awesomely good and its really selfish for millionaires and hundred thousandaires to take so many days off when they just play games and workout all the time to get paid witch is what the rest of us all do for fun and for free so maybe on the Mariners off days all the players go work in IT departments or retail stores because that is what people who play at work have to do for fun because life is meaningless unless you have worklife balance.

Unfetterered optimism and noncriticalization returns………………now.

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