Athletics Colon blackmails Mariners and forces them to lose

Because that is the only way this outcome was possible and its the second time Colon has “beaten” the Mariners and holy only playing the Mariners Colon are you too scared to play other teams because you dont have anything to blackmail other teams with because you have played the Mariners 3 times THREE TIMES already and there is no way you beat Felix last night unless the Mariners had to let you win or you would do something to hurt them because the Mariners only DH hits were from Ichiro and Ackley and Montero and they hit no HOMERS witch is only possible if they were trying to not hit homers because Colon is a big cheating law breaker who maybe doesnt know that it is illegal to blackmail people but I cant even think of what the dirt he has on the Mariners because they are good and pure so it must be something that they want to try and hide that isnt that bad but they know it will hurt us so they are trying to protect us.

Poor Felix hasnt gotten all of the juice yet out of his 6th pitch and he had to throw it a bunch tonight to try and lose to protect us because it isnt ready and he figured he would practice it because the Athletics had to win but next time he wont have to play slowerly so he can pitch dominantly like we are used to and like how he wants to.


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    I’d say it’s because we have no offense, but I like this explanation better.
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